For Efficiency, Safety and Versatility…
You need a Kelford Electric Steam Boiler​

Kelford Electric Steam Boilers for all your pressure steam needs

When it is efficiency, safety and versatility you're after, no matter what the application Kelford Electric Steam Boilers, made here in New Zealand, will meet your requirements. 

Benefits of a Kelford Steam Boiler: 

All you need is a water supply, power supply and a drain

Self-contained, clean operation

Easy to operate

Simple and robust - stainless steel frame and tank

Safety and seismic compliant with NZ regulations

Inherently safe design - no water - no current draw

All panels and frames stainless steel

Built to the highest safety standards

Perfect for clean environments such as laboratories and food manufacturing

Kelford Engineering is a Telarc SAI Registered Supplier

We obtained AS-NZS ISO9001 certification in December 1999 and have passed successful audits for eleven years for boiler installation, tuning services, maintenance checks, repairs and spare parts, fabrication and general engineering.

Another reason why you can trust your boiler and general engineering work with us.

Technical Details

Kelford Electric Steam Boilers are available in two nominally rated sizes; up to 150KW and up to 300KW.

The PLC control system allows each boiler to be ‘tuned’ to any steam output /current up to the nominal rating.

Kelford Electric Steam Boilers are very efficient. They are compact and require no venting. Steam is discharged directly from the electric boiler for a quick, efficient operation. Either model can be modified to fit with purpose when necessary and yet either model will fit with most requirements.

Safety is a high priority; when there is no water operation ceases. Fully compliant with safety and seismic regulations. We have done all the hard work for you so that installation is simplified.

Kelford Electric Steam Boilers