About Kelford Engineering

Kelford Engineering has been installing, reconditioning, servicing and surveying boilers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for the last 27 years, and combined, our team has eighty years of boiler experience.

We know how important your boiler is to your business. That is why we work continually on our systems and procedures to ensure that you receive the best service, parts and advice possible.

Why the Electric Steam Boiler? 

A few years back Kelford realised that there was a hole in the Steam Boiler market especially for industries where clean, self-contained and quiet operation was essential. At the time, all electric steam boilers had to be sourced overseas and these boilers did not have flexibility of pressure and temperature required that many of the industries such as breweries and manufacturing required. Most boilers sourced overseas also rated a lower pressure which did not suit many potential applications and imported boilers did not have NZ safety standards or seismic certification.

Kelford industries noticed the increase in the number of boutique breweries that required steam boilers and this was seen as a way of filling a need while improving the way electric steam boilers work. No one was building electric steam boilers in New Zealand and certainly, the cost of importing potentially inferior models from outside NZ did not make sense.

Kelford also realised that versatility is key. In NZ where seismic activity is a part of the manufacturing environment. Being prepared and having machinery that is built for safety during a seismic event is something that Kelford Engineering understands and so before leaving the shop floor, all Steam Boilers are tested and certified safe. Another aspect of versatility is how quickly and efficiently the Kelford Steam Boiler can be up and running with minimal ‘extra’ parts, configuring, time and labour and this is because of their compact, self-contained design.

So if you're buying your Steam Boiler from Kelford you are buying a well tested, safety registered and compliant steam boiler designed for the New Zealand standards that has the versatility and flexibility to fit your requirements, and it also looks good.

Kelford Electric Steam Boilers